dbt(data build tool) course for beginners with dbt cloud + snowflake for dbt certification

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dbt(data build tool) course for beginners with dbt cloud + snowflake for dbt certification

dbt is a developmental framework that helps doing data data tranformation with simple SELECT queris.

dbt has become one of the most trending technologies for data transformation in ETL world.

If you are not sure of what dbt is, check this dbt Real world Tutorial

To help understand dbt with a real hands on project, we are launching a dbt course for beginners. This includes detailed video explanation + working with dbt cloud with live demos.

In addition dbt recently announced dbt certification program to help developers gain a certified badge. The name of the certification is dbt Analytics Engineering Certification with some practice questions too.

dbt certification is a great way to show case your dbt skills to companies hiring for dbt.

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So let’s dive into the topics that will be covered as part of this course.

Course Introduction

  • What , Why, How to use dbt
  1. What is dbt in a real world scenario ?
    • Introduction
    • ETL Vs ELT with example
    • Data analytics + Database Engineer = Analytics engineer
  2. Set up dbt with Snowflake
    • Project introduction + dbt setup Architecture
    • Setting up dbt Cloud
    • How to Set up Snowflake and connect with dbt.
    • Overview of dbt Cloud
    • Create your first data transformation
  3. Models and materializations
    • What are models in dbt ?
    • How to develop models in dbt ?
    • What is materialization in dbt?
    • Modularize your models
    • Multiple materialization
  4. Sources and Seeds
    • What are dbt sources ?
    • Playing with sources including freshness
    • What are dbt seeds ?
    • Load data with seeds
  5. Tests and documentation
    • What are dbt tests ?
      • Singular tests
      • Generic tests
    • Documenting your models
  6. Macros with Jinja
    • What are macros?
    • How to create macros in dbt
    • How to use Jinja in dbt
    • How to use Jinja with dbt macros ?
  7. Packages in dbt
    • What are packages in dbt?
    • Integrating packages with dbt.
  8. Deployment in dbt
    • dbt Cloud job
    • Monitor your dbt deployment
  9. Bonus content:
    • Advanced materializations
      • Ephemeral models
      • Incremental models
    • Snapshots

DBT Course Giveaway - Limited time

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Coming up next:

  • dbt cloud integration with different providers like dbt mysql , dbt postgres and so on. Stay tuned.

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