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Resume tips to standout for tech interviews


6 to 7 seconds is what it takes a recruiter to decide on your Resume. This is an average number as per Indeed analysis.

Here are 5 changes you can make to your Resume today to Stand Out of others

Tip #1 - Use action words to begin each sentence.

Some common action or impact words are

Designed Developed Accomplished Implemented Architected Deployed Optimized … Using these words shows that you have accomplished something .

Tip #2 - Show results with supporting data.

Instead of saying you did something, add some metrics to it. Eg: Improved performance of code by 50% with my algorithm.

Generally this is presented in this format: Accomplished [X] as measured by [Y], by doing [Z]

Tip #3 - Highlight key achievements in bold.

Key achievements are lost among huge content in your resume. So always highlight them in bold to instantly grab attention.

Tip #4 - Include leadership points.

Many tech/coding resumes forget to highlight some of the leadership initiatives you have taken. Try to add some of them so that you are different from others.

Tip #5 - Keep the resume format clean and readable with bullet points and numbers.

Having a cluttered resume pays the penalty of being ignored. So have a clean resume. Some prefer to have colored resume but it’s up to individual choice.

Personal projects certainly adds weight if done right. If you have personal projects that you are proud to share , adding them to resume keeps you out of the crowd.

Tip #7 - Include contact information

Make sure the minimal contact information includes

  1. EmailId
  2. LinkedIn
  3. PhoneNumber
  4. Personal website (if any)

Tip #8 - Use STAR method

If you can reword the descriptions of each work item into STAR method that would add a great value.

If you are not sure about STAR method, here is a quick summary.

Situation: What was the situation or problem, or conflict you were facing?

Task: What were you tasked with or What are your responsibilities or goals?

Action: What action did you take? What did you do to solve this problem? (Don’t miss Tip #1 i.e. start with action words)

Result: What was the result or outcome of your action? How did it benefit the organization? Can this result be quantified?

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