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Synthetic voice generator with API and audio editing.


Created multilingual content & natural voice-overs.

Speech Studio

Apps can recognize and generate voice.

Eleven Labs

Created realistic audio content using synthetic voices.


Customizable online voice generator.


Multilingual voiceover solution.

Free Text-To-Speech

Text transformed into customizable spoken output.

Listnr 2.0

900+ voices. 142+ languages. Audio shareable.


Converts speech to text and analyzes emotions.

Babylon Voice

Voice & media wallet chat platform for payments.

1600+ midjourney prompts free download
chatgpt prompts and ai tools download

Best Free AI tools to try now


AI Art prompt generator

  • Create infinite prompts for AI art tools like Midjourney, DALLE-2, Gemini Image creator
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DALL·E prompt generator

  • Creative prompt helper to build unique art prompts for OpenAI DALLE AI art generation
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Gemini prompt generator

  • Prompt helper for creating best prompts for Google Gemini AI
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Adobe firefly prompt generator

  • AI powered prompts for Adobe firefly to create stunning images from text
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Leonardo prompt generator

  • Create best leonardo prompts with various keywords, topics, lighting, camera and more
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Reading time calculator

  • Estimate the time to read a blog post / any content. Includes word count, character count and more.
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Time difference calculator

  • Calculate the duration between timestamps or dates with simple copy paste
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INR crore to USD converter

  • Indian (INR) crore to US dollar (USD) converter for easy currency estimation
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