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Note: We don't store any kind of content.
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Word count to measure

Each image adds 10 seconds reading time

225 wpm

Average reading speed is 225 wpm

lightbulb Reading speed can range from   220 to 350  words per minute (wpm)

Reading time calculator (or Read time estimator) is a free tool to estimate the time to read a blog post or article. You can calculate the total read time of a book too if you know the number of words. This tool gives various information like
  • Number of words
  • Number of spaces
  • Number of characters
  • Estimated total time to read the content
  • Estimated time to view the images
  • Estimated total time to read
If your blog post or article contains images, then try to provide accurate information in the number of images input, which will be used to have the overall time to calculate both text + image read time.

To estimate the reading time you can provide
  • The actual content (in Enter your content input field) or the total number of words (in Total number of words)
  • In addition you can also provide the total number of images (optional field) that you have in your content. Each image adds 10 seconds additional time to read.
  • You can change the words per minute (wpm) to change the reading speed. Default wpm is 225wpm.
  • Once you enter the inputs, press Calculate button to calcuate the estimated reading time.

No. We don't store any kind of content that you provided. This tool is purely a Javascript based tool, which will take the input, get the count of total words and perform calculations based on words per minute (wpm). All calculations happen in the browser and no backend calls are made. So you can confidently paste your content.

Reading time is calculated using below formula:
Estimated Reading time = (Total words / wpm) + (number of images * 10 seconds)

There are number of applications / use cases. Here are some examples.
  • Google search reading time estimation: Google recently started experimenting with quick read time labels to display time to read an article. This calculator helps reaching that estimation time
  • Show time to read for articles or blog posts
  • Calculate time to read a book
  • Literally calculate reading time for anything that you read :-)

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