150+ Google Gemini prompts for image generation - Bard prompts for AI Art

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150+ Google Gemini prompts for image generation - Bard prompts for AI Art

Master the art of using bard AI, ImageFX, midjourney, stable difussion or DALL-E-2 with creative image prompts


Google Bard AI, the powerful language model from Google, now possesses the remarkable ability to craft captivating images based on text prompts. In addition, Google also released an AI art experimental tool called ImageFX. This tool, based on the Imagen model launched by Google Labs on February 1, 2024, is a new AI-powered image generation tool. It allows users to create images based on simple text prompts, similar to other popular tools like Dall-E 2 and Midjourney

Bard can be accessed here: Google Bard AI

Google Imagefx can be accessed from this link: Google ImageFX

This blog post dives into the exciting world of Bard AI image prompts, offering you a treasure trove of over 200 carefully curated prompts categorized across various themes. From breathtaking landscapes and fantastical creatures to thought-provoking abstracts and historical scenes, prepare to embark on a journey where words transform into captivating imagery.

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Alright! Let’s get started!!

Bard AI prompts for images

A steaming cup of coffee with latte art, its aroma filling the air.

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Bard AI prompts for image 2

A sense of nostalgia, evoked by a vintage object or childhood memory.

Bard AI prompts for image 2

Cascading waterfalls shrouded in mist, sunlight filtering through vibrant autumn foliage.

200+ Bard AI Image Prompts

Nature & Landscapes:

  1. Cascading waterfalls shrouded in mist, sunlight filtering through vibrant autumn foliage.
  2. A lone cabin nestled peacefully amidst snow-capped mountains, smoke curling from the chimney.
  3. A majestic underwater coral reef teeming with colorful fish and bioluminescent creatures.
  4. A panoramic view of the Milky Way galaxy, its stars sparkling against a deep purple canvas.
  5. A hidden grotto illuminated by shafts of sunlight, revealing crystal-clear water and lush ferns.
  6. A vast volcanic landscape, lava flowing down its slopes and smoke billowing into the sky.
  7. A peaceful meadow at sunrise, dew-kissed wildflowers swaying gently in the morning breeze.
  8. A stormy ocean coastline, waves crashing against jagged rocks and dark clouds casting dramatic shadows.
  9. A mystical forest bathed in moonlight, ancient trees shrouded in mist and glowing mushrooms dotting the forest floor.
  10. A vibrant coral reef teeming with diverse marine life, sunlight filtering through the crystal-clear water.

Bard AI prompts for fantasy

A fire-breathing dragon soaring through a stormy sky, lightning illuminating its powerful scales.

Fantasy & Mythical:

  1. A fire-breathing dragon soaring through a stormy sky, lightning illuminating its powerful scales.
  2. A hidden fairy village nestled among giant mushrooms, tiny lights illuminating the pathway.
  3. A majestic unicorn resting in a serene meadow, bathed in the golden light of sunset.
  4. A fierce battle between a valiant knight and a monstrous creature, sparks flying from their clashing weapons.
  5. A lone mermaid singing on a moonlit clifftop, her voice echoing across the vast ocean.
  6. A mystical portal shimmering with energy, leading to an unknown and fantastical world.
  7. A mischievous group of fairies playing hide-and-seek amongst blooming flowers.
  8. A towering troll guarding a bridge over a deep and mysterious river.
  9. A hidden city built into the trunk of a colossal tree, its inhabitants living in harmony with nature.
  10. A legendary phoenix rising from the ashes, its wings ablaze with fire and hope.

Abstract & Conceptual:

  1. A kaleidoscope of vibrant colors swirling and morphing, representing the flow of creativity.
  2. A single thought bubble floating against a stark white background, filled with intricate details and symbols.
  3. A spiral staircase ascending into the unknown, representing the journey of self-discovery.
  4. A cracked mirror reflecting multiple distorted versions of the same image, representing different perspectives.
  5. A mathematical equation transformed into a vibrant landscape, blurring the lines between science and art.
  6. A swarm of butterflies painted in a mosaic of colors, representing the beauty and fragility of life.
  7. A single raindrop falling onto a still pond, creating ripples that expand outward.
  8. A burning candle casting a warm glow, symbolizing hope and resilience in the darkness.
  9. A tree with its roots exposed, representing the foundation and interconnection of all living things.
  10. A pair of hands reaching out to each other, symbolizing connection and compassion.

Bard AI prompts for fantasy photorealistic

a photorealistic dog wearing cow boy hat on a busy street

Science & Technology:

  1. A futuristic cityscape with towering skyscrapers and flying vehicles, bathed in the neon glow of lights.
  2. A close-up of a DNA molecule, its intricate structure revealing the building blocks of life.
  3. A rocket launching into space, leaving a trail of fire and smoke against a starry sky.
  4. A robotic arm carefully assembling a complex machine, sparks flying from its welds.
  5. A microscopic view of a virus, its intricate details revealing the invisible world around us.

Bard AI prompts for fantasy photorealistic science prompts

A microscopic view of a virus, its intricate details revealing the invisible world around us.

History & Culture:

  1. A bustling marketplace in ancient Rome, merchants selling goods and people bartering their wares.
  2. A detailed portrait of a historical figure, capturing their essence and personality through their expression.
  3. A grand palace from a bygone era, its majestic architecture reflecting the power and opulence of a past civilization.
  4. A traditional Japanese tea ceremony, showcasing the elegance and mindfulness of the ritual.
  5. A vibrant street scene in a modern city, capturing the diversity and energy of urban life.
  6. A peaceful protest march advocating for social justice, showcasing the power of unity and collective action.
  7. A bustling Renaissance marketplace, artists displaying their paintings and sculptures amidst lively crowds.
  8. A glimpse into the daily life of a medieval peasant, showcasing their work, home, and family.
  9. A dramatic depiction of a historical battle, showcasing the chaos and bravery of the moment.
  10. A photorealistic portrait of a historical figure in modern clothing, imagining them in a contemporary setting.

Animals & Wildlife:

  1. A majestic lion basking in the golden light of the savanna, its mane flowing in the wind.
  2. A playful group of otters frolicking in a river, their sleek bodies glistening in the sun.
  3. A close-up of a butterfly’s colorful wings, showcasing the intricate patterns and textures.
  4. A majestic bald eagle soaring through the sky, its powerful wings spread wide.
  5. A playful group of puppies tumbling in a field of wildflowers, their joy evident in their expressions.
  6. A majestic elephant standing tall in a lush forest, its tusks gleaming in the sunlight.
  7. A photorealistic image of a mythical creature, like a griffin or a phoenix, brought to life.
  8. A close-up of a chameleon blending seamlessly into its surroundings, showcasing its amazing camouflage abilities.
  9. A group of penguins huddled together on a snowy Antarctic landscape, their black and white feathers contrasting with the blue ice.
  10. A playful scene of a dog and a cat cuddling together, showcasing the unlikely friendship between these two animals.

Food & Beverages:

  1. A mouthwatering slice of freshly baked pizza, with melted cheese, pepperoni, and a crispy crust.
  2. A steaming cup of coffee with latte art, its aroma filling the air.
  3. A colorful still life of fresh fruits and vegetables from a farmer’s market.
  4. A decadent chocolate cake dripping with ganache, adorned with fresh berries.
  5. A sushi platter beautifully arranged, with various colorful pieces and artistic garnishes.
  6. A traditional bowl of ramen, with steam rising from the rich broth and noodles.
  7. A close-up of a juicy burger with melted cheese, dripping mustard, and fresh toppings.
  8. A glass of wine swirling in a crystal goblet, its color reflecting the light.
  9. A festive scene of a holiday table laden with traditional dishes and desserts.
  10. A steaming cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows, perfect for a cozy winter evening.

Objects & Still Lifes:

  1. A vintage camera lying on a stack of old books, with warm sunlight streaming through the window.
  2. A pair of worn leather boots by a crackling fireplace, evoking a feeling of comfort and adventure.
  3. A globe of the world resting on a wooden desk, symbolizing exploration and discovery.
  4. A stack of colorful paintbrushes resting against a palette, ready to create art.
  5. A vintage typewriter with a blank sheet of paper, inviting stories to be written.
  6. A stack of vinyl records with classic album covers, evoking nostalgia for the past.
  7. A pair of ballet shoes tied neatly together, representing grace and dedication.
  8. A worn teddy bear lying on a child’s bed, symbolizing comfort and childhood memories.
  9. A vintage telescope pointed towards the starry night sky, sparking curiosity about the universe.
  10. A stack of old photographs in a dusty album, filled with stories and memories of the past.

Emotions & Experiences:

  1. A person feeling overjoyed, jumping in the air with their arms outstretched.
  2. A feeling of peace and tranquility, depicted by a serene landscape or calm waters.
  3. A person feeling lost and alone, wandering through a foggy forest or empty cityscape.
  4. A sense of nostalgia, evoked by a vintage object or childhood memory.
  5. A feeling of love and connection, represented by two people embracing or a happy family scene.
  6. A feeling of anger and connection towards innocent dog.

Fine Art & Architecture:

  1. A vibrant Van Gogh-inspired landscape with swirling brushstrokes and bold colors.
  2. A detailed Renaissance portrait capturing the emotion and personality of the subject.
  3. A photorealistic image of a famous artwork reimagined in a modern setting.
  4. A majestic Gothic cathedral towering over a quaint village, bathed in the golden light of sunset.
  5. A minimalist Japanese garden with carefully placed rocks, sand, and bonsai trees.
  6. A bustling street scene in a European city, showcasing its unique architecture and cultural atmosphere.
  7. A detailed interior of a historical building, capturing its grandeur and intricate details.
  8. A surreal dreamscape inspired by the works of Salvador Dalí, blurring the lines between reality and imagination.
  9. A photorealistic image of a famous sculpture brought to life, interacting with its surroundings.
  10. A modern art installation using light, sound, and movement to create a unique sensory experience.

People & Portraits:

  1. A diverse group of friends laughing and having fun together, representing unity and friendship.
  2. A close-up portrait of a person with a unique expression, capturing their character and story.
  3. A person lost in thought, gazing out at a vast landscape, representing introspection and contemplation.
  4. A child playing joyfully, showcasing the innocence and wonder of childhood.
  5. A person working passionately on their craft, representing dedication and pursuit of dreams.
  6. A diverse group of people protesting for social justice, showcasing the power of collective action.
  7. A close-up portrait of a person with a disability, challenging stereotypes and celebrating diversity.
  8. A person in traditional clothing from their culture, showcasing their heritage and identity.
  9. A group of people from different generations interacting and sharing stories, highlighting the power of connection.
  10. A person experiencing a moment of pure joy, like riding a bike or dancing in the rain.


  1. A photorealistic image of a famous landmark reimagined in a different time period or setting.
  2. A detailed diagram of a complex machine or natural phenomenon, revealing its inner workings.
  3. A collage of images representing a specific theme or emotion, like hope, fear, or love.
  4. A photorealistic image of a mythical creature brought to life, interacting with its surroundings.
  5. A pixel art scene reminiscent of classic video games, evoking nostalgia and childhood memories.
  6. A detailed map of a fictional world, complete with cities, mountains, and hidden treasures.
  7. A scene from a dream, capturing its surreal and nonsensical nature.
  8. A close-up of a microscopic world, revealing the unseen beauty and complexity of nature.
  9. A time-lapse image of a city or natural landscape, showcasing the passage of time.
  10. A detailed illustration of a fictional creature, like a dragon or a unicorn.

Bonus: Open-Ended Prompts:

  1. Describe your perfect day in vivid detail.
  2. Imagine a world where technology allows us to travel to other planets. What would it look like?
  3. What does the future hold for humanity? Create a visual representation of your vision.
  4. Describe your deepest fear and turn it into a powerful image.
  5. Imagine a world where animals can talk. What would they say?
  6. Create an image that represents the meaning of life.
  7. What does love look like? Capture it in a single image.
  8. Imagine a world without war or conflict. What would it look like?
  9. Create an image that represents your wildest dream.
  10. What inspires you most? Create an image that captures that feeling.
  11. A hidden waterfall shrouded in mist deep within a lush rainforest.
  12. A breathtaking view of the aurora borealis dancing across the arctic sky.
  13. A vibrant coral reef teeming with colorful fish illuminated by shafts of sunlight.
  14. A vast desert landscape with towering sand dunes under a starry night sky.
  15. A peaceful meadow in the early morning dew, with the sun rising over distant mountains.
  16. A stormy ocean coastline with crashing waves and seagulls soaring through the wind.
  17. A vibrant jungle canopy filled with exotic plants and animals, sunlight filtering through the leaves.
  18. A majestic glacier calving into a turquoise glacial lake, surrounded by snow-capped peaks.
  19. A vibrant autumn forest with leaves ablaze in red, orange, and yellow hues.
  20. A panoramic view of a volcanic crater spewing smoke and lava, illuminated by the fiery glow.
  21. A mermaid swimming through a sunken city inhabited by mythical creatures.
  22. A fierce battle between a wizard and a dragon, spells clashing in the air.
  23. A hidden fairy village nestled among bioluminescent mushrooms in a moonlit forest.
  24. A majestic phoenix rising from the ashes, its wings shimmering with vibrant colors.
  25. A mischievous group of goblins playing pranks on unsuspecting travelers in a dark forest.
  26. A portal to another dimension shimmering with energy, revealing a glimpse of a fantastical world.
  27. A lone knight on a quest, riding through a vast and mysterious landscape.
  28. A mythical creature from ancient folklore brought to life, interacting with a modern setting.
  29. A hidden library filled with magical books and ancient scrolls, glowing with otherworldly light.
  30. A prophecy written in runes on a weathered stone tablet, hinting at a hidden destiny.
  31. A kaleidoscope of vibrant colors morphing and swirling, representing the flow of ideas.
  32. A single teardrop falling onto a mirror, shattering its reflection and revealing hidden emotions.
  33. A chaotic cityscape at night, filled with neon lights and bustling crowds, representing the energy of urban life.
  34. A labyrinth of interconnected pathways, symbolizing the complexity of life’s journey.
  35. A single thought bubble floating against a stark white background, filled with intricate symbols and patterns.
  36. A mathematical equation transformed into a colorful nebula, blurring the lines between science and art.
  37. A hand reaching out from the darkness, symbolizing hope and resilience in challenging times.
  38. A broken hourglass with sand spilling out, representing the fleeting nature of time.
  39. A pair of scales delicately balanced, representing the concept of justice and equality.
  40. A single feather floating on a calm lake, symbolizing peace and tranquility.
  41. A futuristic city on Mars, with towering structures and flying vehicles exploring the red landscape.
  42. A close-up of a robot’s intricate mechanics, showcasing the beauty and complexity of artificial intelligence.
  43. A space station orbiting Earth, astronauts conducting research and gazing at the vastness of space.
  44. A microscopic view of a virus replicating, showcasing the invisible world of science.
  45. A deep-sea exploration submarine discovering a bioluminescent creature in the ocean depths.
  46. A time machine portal opening up, offering a glimpse into the past or future.
  47. A scientist making a groundbreaking discovery in their laboratory, surrounded by scientific equipment.
  48. A futuristic cityscape powered by renewable energy, showcasing a sustainable future.
  49. A classroom of students using virtual reality technology to explore the solar system.
  50. A close-up of a 3D-printed object, showcasing the possibilities of additive manufacturing.


With these 150+ Bard AI image prompts, you’re equipped to embark on a journey of limitless visual exploration. Remember, these are just starting points – feel free to experiment, combine prompts, and unleash your own creativity. Share your unique creations with the world and inspire others to explore the exciting possibilities of Bard AI.

This blog post serves as a springboard for your imaginative adventures. Remember, the most impactful prompts are often the ones that resonate with your own personal experiences and emotions. So, explore, experiment, and let your creativity flow!

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