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Frequently Asked Questions about Threads Composer

Threads Composer is an app designed to help users create thread posts for Meta's Threads social network. It takes a long text input and automatically breaks it into individual thread posts, each with a maximum length of 497 characters.

The app has two main components:
  1. Compose: An input box where users can enter their long text.
  2. Preview: An output section that displays the text broken into individual thread posts, each with a maximum of 497 characters. Each post in the preview has a "Copy" button for easy sharing.

The 497-character limit is designed to optimize posts for Meta's Threads platform. This limit ensures that each post in the thread fits within the platform's character restrictions while allowing for seamless reading across multiple posts.

The current version of Threads Composer doesn't support editing individual posts in the preview. However, you can easily copy each post using the "Copy" button and make adjustments before posting to Threads.

Threads Composer is an independent tool designed to help users create content for the Threads platform. It is not officially affiliated with or endorsed by Meta or the Threads social network.