150+ Midjourney prompts for t-shirts design, unique and trending

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150+ Midjourney prompts for t-shirts design, unique and trending

Create stunning tshirt desings with midjourney, stable difussion or DALL-E-2

Introduction to Midjourney Prompts for Tshirt Design

In the dynamic world of fashion and self-expression, creating captivating and unique t-shirt designs is a creative journey that continues to evolve.

Enter Midjourney Prompts for T-Shirts—a curated collection of design concepts and themes that will spark your imagination and take your t-shirt designs to new heights.

In this blog, we’ll explore 150+ Midjourney Prompts for creating unique t-shirt designs in addition to top tips on how to create stunning midjourney prompts for t-shirts.

Midjourney tshirt book prompt

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Alright! Let’s get started!!

Midjourney prompts for t-shirts with abstract colors

Craft a t-shirt with an abstract grid texture. Design like tipseason. Choose harmonious colors and subtle variations in line thickness to create a refined and intriguing visual. –ar 2:3

Midjourney tshirt prompt

Design a steampunk-inspired t-shirt with intricate gears, cogs, and mechanical elements, design like tipseason. Incorporate a vintage color scheme and Victorian-era aesthetics for a retro-futuristic look. –ar 2:3

How to create stunning midjourney prompts for t-shirt design

1. Incorporate Relevant Keywords

To get the most accurate and inspiring prompts for t-shirt design, be sure to include essential keywords. Variations like “t-shirt design,” “t shirt design,” or “tshirt design” are vital to ensure that the prompts generated are focused on your specific creative project. These keywords guide Midjourney in delivering prompts that align with your t-shirt design goals.

2. Utilize Aspect Ratio Parameters

Midjourney prompts allow you to specify the aspect ratio of the design you’re looking for. To get vertical height designs suitable for t-shirts, you can use the “–ar 2:3” parameter. This ensures that the design will fit and look great on the front or back of a t-shirt.

3. Customize the Preview

Midjourney provides various parameters to tailor the preview to your needs. If you prefer not to have a preview of the t-shirt on a person, you can use negative parameters such as “–no body” or “–no person.” This is particularly useful if you want a clear and unobstructed view of the design itself.

4. Ideal for Generating Prints on Demand

When you request t-shirt design prompts from Midjourney, you’ll receive plain images without the actual t-shirt illustration. This feature is especially advantageous for those utilizing print-on-demand tools for their merchandise.

Print-on-demand services often require designs to be provided in a way that separates the design from the physical t-shirt shape. Midjourney’s output aligns perfectly with this requirement. It means you can focus on the creative aspect of the design without being constrained by the physical representation of the t-shirt. This flexibility makes Midjourney prompts an ideal choice for those looking to create prints for a variety of merchandise, from t-shirts to posters, without worrying about the specific garment shape.

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150+ Midjourney prompts for T-Shirts

Alright let’s look at 150+ midjourney prompts for t-shirt designs. Make sure to include other relevant keywords in each of these prompt ideas to customize the design per your needs.

1. Nature-Inspired T-Shirt:

Create a nature-inspired t-shirt design featuring serene landscapes and wildlife. Utilize a soft color palette and intricate details to capture the beauty of the outdoors, tipseason

2. Retro Vintage T-Shirt:

Design a vintage-style t-shirt with retro typography and graphics. Use distressed textures and warm, , tipseason, nostalgic colors to evoke a sense of the past

3. Minimalist Graphic T-Shirt:

Craft a minimalist t-shirt design with clean lines and simple yet striking graphics. Focus on a monochromatic or limited color palette for a modern, understated look

Midjourney tshirt book prompt for minimalism

Design a minimalist t-shirt with a subtle geometric pattern that adds a touch of sophistication, tipseason. Choose a muted color palette to make it versatile for office wear.

4. Artistic Hand-Drawn T-Shirt:

Develop an artistic t-shirt design created by hand with intricate illustrations or doodles. Incorporate a mix of bold and fine lines to create an eye-catching composition

5. Music-Inspired Band T-Shirt:

Create a music-inspired t-shirt design for a fictional band or artist. Use a combination of musical elements, typography, and vibrant colors to convey the music’s energy

6. Abstract Watercolor T-Shirt:

Design an abstract t-shirt featuring watercolor-inspired brush strokes and colors. Incorporate flowing and vibrant hues to create a dynamic and artistic composition

7. Vintage Travel T-Shirt:

Craft a vintage travel-themed t-shirt design with retro postcard illustrations. Use faded colors and a distressed texture to give it an authentic retro look

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8. Sci-Fi Space Exploration T-Shirt:

Develop a sci-fi t-shirt design inspired by space exploration and futuristic technology. Utilize cosmic imagery, futuristic elements, and a dark color scheme for an otherworldly vibe

9. Cute and Whimsical T-Shirt:

Create a cute and whimsical t-shirt design featuring adorable characters or creatures. Use pastel colors and playful illustrations to make it charming and endearing

10. Graffiti-Inspired Urban T-Shirt:

Design an urban t-shirt inspired by graffiti art and street culture. Incorporate bold, colorful graffiti-style typography and street art elements

11. Photographic T-Shirt:

Craft a t-shirt design featuring a striking photograph as the centerpiece. Ensure the photograph is high-resolution and visually captivating

Midjourney prompts for t-shirts

Craft a t-shirt with an abstract color block design. Use a harmonious combination of subdued colors, trending on tipseason to create a contemporary yet office-friendly look.

12. Athletic Sports T-Shirt:

Develop an athletic-inspired t-shirt design for a sports team or fitness brand. Use dynamic typography, sporty graphics, and team colors to create a sporty look

13. Foodie T-Shirt:

Create a food-themed t-shirt design featuring mouthwatering illustrations of favorite dishes. Use vibrant colors and detailed food illustrations, trending on tipseason to make the design appetizing

14. Abstract Geometric T-Shirt:

Craft an abstract t-shirt design featuring geometric shapes and patterns. Use bold and contrasting colors to create a visually stimulating composition

15. Vintage Motorcycle T-Shirt:

Design a vintage motorcycle-themed t-shirt with retro bike illustrations. Add distressed textures and a rugged color palette to capture the spirit of the open road

16. Elegant Abstract Lines T-Shirt:

Create an elegant t-shirt with abstract lines and shapes. Use a restrained color palette and minimalist design to achieve a sophisticated office-appropriate look.

17. Sculptural Artistic T-Shirt:

Design a t-shirt featuring a sculptural and artistic motif. Keep the lines clean and the colors muted to ensure it’s suitable for professional settings.

18. Gentle Watercolor Wash T-Shirt:

Develop a t-shirt with a gentle watercolor wash effect. design like tipseason. Opt for soft, pastel hues and abstract shapes for an understated yet artistic appearance.

19. Modern Monochrome T-Shirt:

Craft a modern monochrome t-shirt with subtle textures and patterns. The use of grayscale tones adds a contemporary touch for office wear.

20. Timeless Herringbone Pattern T-Shirt:

Create a timeless t-shirt featuring a herringbone pattern. Select classic colors like navy and white to maintain an office-appropriate and versatile style.

21. Botanical Sketch T-Shirt:

Design a t-shirt featuring a botanical sketch of leaves or flowers. Use a single color and fine lines to create an elegant and nature-inspired look.

22. Muted Art Deco Design T-Shirt:

Develop a t-shirt with an art deco-inspired design in muted colors. The geometric shapes and clean lines offer a touch of vintage sophistication.

23. Abstract Grid Texture T-Shirt:

Craft a t-shirt with an abstract grid texture. Choose harmonious colors and subtle variations in line thickness to create a refined and intriguing visual.

24. Architectural Blueprint T-Shirt:

Create a t-shirt featuring an architectural blueprint motif. Use faded lines and a subdued color scheme to evoke a sense of precision and creativity.

25. Contemporary Dot Pattern T-Shirt:

Design a t-shirt with a contemporary dot pattern. Utilize a restrained color palette and varying dot sizes for a stylish and versatile office look.

26. Soothing Waves T-Shirt:

Develop a t-shirt with a soothing waves design. Incorporate soft, flowing lines and a calming color palette to create a serene and office-appropriate visual.

27. Abstract Grayscale Landscape T-Shirt:

Craft a t-shirt with an abstract grayscale landscape. Use subtle gradients and shapes to depict a serene and minimalistic scenery for office wear.

28. Sophisticated Marble Texture T-Shirt:

Create a t-shirt featuring a sophisticated marble texture. Choose muted marble patterns and soft colors for an elegant and refined appearance.

29. Linear Artistic Composition T-Shirt:

Design a t-shirt with a linear artistic composition. Incorporate abstract elements and a harmonious color scheme to achieve a contemporary office-friendly look.

30. Ethereal Celestial Print T-Shirt:

Develop a t-shirt with an ethereal celestial print. Use cosmic-inspired motifs and a dreamy color palette to create a celestial and office-appropriate design.

31. Urban Street Art T-Shirt:

Design a t-shirt with urban street art influences. Incorporate graffiti-style elements and vibrant colors for a bold and edgy look.

32. Geometric Optical Illusion T-Shirt:

Create a t-shirt with a geometric optical illusion design. Utilize contrasting shapes and colors to captivate and mesmerize the viewer.

33. Vintage Typographic T-Shirt:

Develop a t-shirt with a vintage typographic theme. Use classic fonts and distressed textures to evoke a sense of nostalgia and style.

34. Whimsical Animal Illustration T-Shirt:

Craft a t-shirt featuring a whimsical animal illustration. Add playful details and cheerful colors for a lighthearted and charming appearance.

35. Futuristic Tech-Inspired T-Shirt:

Design a t-shirt with a futuristic tech-inspired motif. Incorporate circuit-like patterns and metallic hues for a cutting-edge and innovative look.

36. Celestial Nebula T-Shirt:

Create a t-shirt with a celestial nebula design. Utilize deep space colors and cosmic swirls to evoke a sense of wonder and awe.

37. Surreal Abstract Composition T-Shirt:

Develop a t-shirt with a surreal abstract composition. Combine unexpected elements and vibrant colors to create a visually captivating and thought-provoking design.

38. Vintage Travel Poster T-Shirt:

Craft a t-shirt inspired by vintage travel posters. Include scenic landscapes and retro typography for a wanderlust-inducing and nostalgic feel.

39. Pop Art Comic Strip T-Shirt:

Design a t-shirt with a pop art comic strip motif. Use bold colors and dynamic frames to capture the energy of a comic book.

40. Minimalist Scenic Silhouette T-Shirt:

Create a t-shirt with a minimalist scenic silhouette. Depict iconic landscapes using simple, black outlines for an elegant and tranquil appearance.

41. Whimsical Fairytale Illustration T-Shirt:

Design a t-shirt featuring a whimsical fairytale illustration. Add enchanting details and dreamy colors to transport the wearer to a magical world.

42. Psychedelic Kaleidoscope T-Shirt:

Craft a t-shirt with a psychedelic kaleidoscope design. Employ vibrant colors and intricate patterns to create an eye-catching and trippy visual experience.

43. Steampunk Industrial T-Shirt:

Develop a t-shirt with a steampunk industrial theme. Incorporate gears, cogs, and metallic tones for a blend of Victorian aesthetics and futuristic tech.

44. Natural Botanical Pattern T-Shirt:

Create a t-shirt with a natural botanical pattern. Use delicate leaves and flowers to bring a touch of nature’s beauty to your design.

45. Classic Vintage Car T-Shirt:

Design a t-shirt inspired by classic vintage cars. Feature iconic automobiles and retro fonts for a timeless and automotive enthusiast-friendly look.

46. Glitch Art Inspired T-Shirt:

Craft a t-shirt with glitch art-inspired visuals. Embrace pixelation and digital artifacts for a unique and edgy aesthetic.

47. Retro Arcade Game T-Shirt:

Develop a t-shirt with a retro arcade game theme. Feature classic game elements and bright colors for a nostalgic and playful design.

48. Vibrant Mosaic Art T-Shirt:

Create a t-shirt with a vibrant mosaic art design. Utilize an array of colors and small tile-like shapes to craft an energetic and captivating visual.

49. Elegant Calligraphy Quote T-Shirt:

Design a t-shirt with an elegant calligraphy quote. Choose a meaningful phrase and create a stylish typographic layout to inspire and uplift.

50. Wildlife Safari T-Shirt:

Craft a t-shirt with a wildlife safari theme. Showcase majestic animals and the African savannah for a wild and adventurous look.

51. Modern Abstract Watercolor T-Shirt:

Develop a t-shirt with a modern abstract watercolor effect. Blend bold colors and fluid shapes to create an artful and contemporary appearance.

52. Retro Surfing Art T-Shirt:

Create a t-shirt inspired by retro surfing art. Include vintage surfboards, palm trees, and sunsets for a laid-back and beachy vibe.

53. Sci-Fi Space Exploration T-Shirt:

Design a t-shirt with a sci-fi space exploration motif. Feature futuristic spacecraft and cosmic vistas for a vision of interstellar adventure.

54. Enchanted Forest Illustration T-Shirt:

Craft a t-shirt featuring an enchanted forest illustration. Add mystical creatures and magical elements for a whimsical and mysterious design.

55. Tribal Aztec Print T-Shirt:

Create a t-shirt with a tribal Aztec print. Incorporate geometric patterns and earthy tones for a culturally rich and bold appearance.

56. Retro Music Album Cover T-Shirt:

Design a t-shirt inspired by a retro music album cover. Include vintage band artwork and classic typography for a musical and nostalgic feel.

57. Artistic Ink Sketch T-Shirt:

Develop a t-shirt with an artistic ink sketch. Use expressive lines and crosshatching for a hand-drawn and creative look.

58. Abstract Geometric Architecture T-Shirt:

Craft a t-shirt with abstract geometric architecture. Feature modern buildings and sharp lines for a sleek and urban-inspired design.

59. Exotic Jungle Foliage T-Shirt:

Create a t-shirt with exotic jungle foliage. Showcase lush plant life and vibrant greens for a tropical and adventurous appearance.

60. Vibrant Street Graffiti T-Shirt:

Design a t-shirt with vibrant street graffiti. Capture the energy and color of urban art for a dynamic and edgy style.

61. Whimsical Underwater World T-Shirt:

Develop a t-shirt featuring a whimsical underwater world. Add playful sea creatures and dreamy blues for an aquatic and imaginative design.

62. Vintage Aviation Art T-Shirt:

Craft a t-shirt inspired by vintage aviation art. Include classic aircraft and retro aviation symbols for a timeless and adventurous look.

63. Neon Cyberpunk Aesthetic T-Shirt:

Create a t-shirt with a neon cyberpunk aesthetic. Embrace futuristic neon lights and dark urban landscapes for a sci-fi and edgy design.

64. Colorful Holi Festival T-Shirt:

Design a t-shirt inspired by the colorful Holi festival. Use bright, vibrant colors and festive patterns for a lively and celebratory appearance.

65. Oriental Zen Garden T-Shirt:

Develop a t-shirt with an Oriental zen garden theme. Feature tranquil rock formations and raked sand for a serene and meditative look.

66. Vintage Circus Poster T-Shirt:

Craft a t-shirt inspired by vintage circus posters. Include charismatic performers and bold typography for a lively and nostalgic feel.

67. Abstract Fluid Acrylics T-Shirt:

Create a t-shirt with abstract fluid acrylics. Let vibrant colors blend and flow for an artistic and dynamic design.

68. Retro Film Poster T-Shirt:

Design a t-shirt inspired by a retro film poster. Include iconic movie imagery and vintage typography for a cinematic and classic look.

69. Graffiti Art Fusion T-Shirt:

Develop a t-shirt with a graffiti art fusion theme. Blend different graffiti styles and vibrant colors for an urban and eclectic design.

70. Doodle Art Explosion

Develop a t-shirt featuring a burst of whimsical doodles and sketches. Include playful drawings, fun characters, and a riot of colors for a joyful and creative design

71. Psychedelic Portal

Create a t-shirt design that features a swirling psychedelic portal to another dimension. Use bold colors and intricate patterns to create a mesmerizing and eye-catching design.

72. Neon Dreamscape

Design a t-shirt featuring a neon dreamscape of glowing landscapes and futuristic architecture. Use vibrant colors and sharp lines to create a dynamic and futuristic design.

73. Retro Sci-Fi

Create a t-shirt design that features a retro sci-fi aesthetic. Include vintage spaceships, ray guns, and other classic sci-fi elements for a nostalgic and fun design.

74. Cyberpunk City

Design a t-shirt featuring a cyberpunk city skyline with neon lights, flying cars, and towering skyscrapers. Use a mix of bright colors and dark shadows to create a futuristic and atmospheric design.

75. Abstract Landscape

Create a t-shirt design that features an abstract landscape of flowing colors and shapes. Use a variety of artistic techniques to create a unique and visually appealing design.

76. Geometric Patterns

Design a t-shirt featuring geometric patterns in bold colors and contrasting lines. Use a variety of shapes and patterns to create a dynamic and visually interesting design.

77. Animal Kingdom

Create a t-shirt design that features a majestic animal or group of animals from the animal kingdom. Use realistic or stylized illustrations to create a design that is both informative and visually appealing.

78. Floral Fantasy

Design a t-shirt featuring a whimsical floral fantasy scene. Include blooming flowers, dancing butterflies, and other magical elements for a dreamy and enchanting design.

79. Mythical Creatures

Create a t-shirt design that features a mythical creature such as a dragon, unicorn, or phoenix. Use realistic or stylized illustrations to create a design that is both fantastical and visually appealing.

80. Cosmic Wonders

Design a t-shirt featuring cosmic wonders such as planets, stars, and galaxies. Use vibrant colors and swirling patterns to create a mesmerizing and awe-inspiring design.

81. Pop Art Explosion

Create a t-shirt design that features a pop art explosion of bright colors and bold lines. Include iconic pop art elements such as comic book characters, advertising slogans, and everyday objects for a fun and eye-catching design.

82. Streetwear Culture

Design a t-shirt that captures the essence of streetwear culture. Include urban-inspired graphics, bold colors, and oversized silhouettes for a trendy and stylish design.

83. Retro Gaming

Create a t-shirt design that features retro video game characters and graphics. Use pixelated art and bright colors to create a nostalgic and fun design.

84. Anime and Manga

Design a t-shirt featuring characters and imagery from your favorite anime and manga series. Use vibrant colors and dynamic poses to create a design that is both exciting and visually appealing.

85. Kawaii Cuteness

Create a t-shirt design that features all things kawaii, including cute animals, adorable characters, and pastel colors. Use a variety of artistic techniques to create a design that is both whimsical and heartwarming.

86. Funny and Quirky

Design a t-shirt with a funny or quirky design. Use puns, wordplay, and unexpected imagery to create a design that is sure to bring a smile to people’s faces.

87. Positive and Motivational

Create a t-shirt design with a positive or motivational message. Use inspiring quotes, uplifting imagery, and bright colors to create a design that is both uplifting and empowering.

88. Social Justice and Activism

Design a t-shirt with a social justice or activism message. Use bold colors, powerful imagery, and clear messaging to raise awareness and promote important causes.

89. Environmentalism and Sustainability

Create a t-shirt design that promotes environmentalism and sustainability. Use recycled materials, earth-friendly inks, and eco-conscious designs to create a t-shirt that is both good for the planet and stylish.

90. Minimalist and Elegant

Design a t-shirt with a minimalist and elegant design. Use simple lines, muted colors, and sophisticated typography

91. Retro Arcade T-Shirt:

Design a retro 1980s style arcade/gamer t-shirt. Include pixel art, neon colors, and retro gaming elements like Pac Man, Space Invaders, etc.

92. Fractal Geometry T-Shirt:

Create a math inspired t-shirt with intricate fractal patterns and designs. Use bold geometric shapes and trippy kaleidoscopic effects.

93. Surfing Paradise T-Shirt:

Design a tropical surf t-shirt with palm trees, ocean waves, surfboards, and a vibrant sunset beach scene. Capture a summer surfing vibe.

94. Skateboard Graffiti T-Shirt:

Develop a streetwear graphic t-shirt with graffiti and skateboarding themes. Include stylized text, skateboard graphics, graffiti art. Urban street culture style.

95. Retro Sci-Fi T-Shirt:

Create a retro futuristic graphic t-shirt design. Feature bold sci-fi elements like spaceships, asteroids, robots, planetary landscapes. Vintage 1950s sci-fi style.

96. Trail Running Adventure T-Shirt:

Design an outdoor trail running t-shirt with mountain, forest, and trail imagery. Capture a sense of adventure and achievement. Emphasize nature themes.

97. Hip Hop Culture T-Shirt:

Create an urban hip hop culture inspired t-shirt. Include elements like boomboxes, microphones, turntables, graffiti. 1980s old school hip hop style.

98. Cafe Life T-Shirt:

Develop a t-shirt showcasing a Parisian cafe scene. Feature a cafe storefront, coffee cups, macarons, flowers. Capture the vibe of relaxing at a cafe.

99. Stargazing Astronomy T-Shirt:

Design a cosmic outer space t-shirt with astronomy imagery like stars, galaxies, nebulae, planets. Create a sense of wonder and exploration.

100. Scuba Diving Adventure T-Shirt:

Create an underwater scuba diving t-shirt with coral reefs, tropical fish, sea turtles, sunken ships. Capture the magic of underwater exploration.

101. Mountain Biking Trail T-Shirt:

Develop a t-shirt for mountain biking and cycling. Feature forest trails, mountain ridges, downhill slopes. Convey speed and outdoor adventure.

102. Floral Mandala T-Shirt:

Design a boho t-shirt with a floral mandala motif. Feature bold symmetrical circular patterns with flowers, vines, leaves and nature elements.

103. Where’s Waldo T-Shirt:

Create a Where’s Waldo inspired t-shirt. Feature crowded scenes with Waldo hiding. Include characters, objects, landscapes from the books.

104. Animal Kingdom T-Shirt:

Develop a t-shirt showcasing a diversity of animals. Include mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, insects. Bold graphic colored designs.

105. Pizza Party T-Shirt:

Design a fun pizza-themed t-shirt. Feature pepperoni pizza slices, melting cheese, pizza boxes. Convey deliciousness and celebration.

106. Cherry Blossom Spring T-Shirt:

Create a cherry blossom t-shirt with blooming flowers and trees. Pastel pink hues. Capture the beauty of springtime.

107. Nerd Life T-Shirt:

Develop a nerdy t-shirt using sci-fi, math, gaming, pop culture themes. Feature elements like planets, rockets, games controllers, equations.

108. Surfing Skeleton T-Shirt:

Design a skeleton surfing a giant ocean wave shaped like a skull. Bold black and white illustration style. Edgy surfing theme.

109. Bee Happy T-Shirt:

Create a nature inspired t-shirt with bees, flowers, honeycombs. Uplifting message to bee happy. Vibrant colors and fun bee characters.

110. Scrapbook Memories T-Shirt:

Develop a sentimental t-shirt using artsy scrapbook elements like photos, ticket stubs, journaling. Capture cherished memories and nostalgia.

111. Vibrant Skulls T-Shirt:

Design a Dia de los Muertos inspired t-shirt with vibrantly colored skulls, flowers, patterns. Bold and colorful celebration of life.

112. Tea Time Relaxation T-Shirt:

Create a soothing tea-themed design with teacups, tea boxes, flowers, herbs. Promote relaxation and self care. Soft, blendable hues.

113. Color Block Graphic T-Shirt:

Develop a bold abstract graphic t-shirt using geometric color blocking. Feature vivid colors, clean lines, artsy shapes.

114. Sunny Palm Trees T-Shirt:

Design a tropical t-shirt with palm trees, sunglasses, ocean views, sun rays. Capture bright and cheerful vacation vibes.

115. Space Women T-Shirt:

Create a girl power space travel t-shirt. Feature a retro spacesuit wearing female astronaut floating in space. Inspiring STEM design.

116. Funny Avocado T-Shirt:

Develop a funny avocado-themed t-shirt. Feature cute avocado character wearing sunglasses with funny captions or expressions.

117. Geometric Cactus T-Shirt:

Design a desert inspired graphic tee with bold cactus prints. Include geometric and triangular shapes. Southwestern style.

118. Vintage Travel Poster T-Shirt:

Create a retro travel destination t-shirt mimicking a vintage poster. Include city scenes, landmarks, typography. Nostalgic wanderlust.

119. Cat Cafe T-Shirt:

Develop a t-shirt showcasing a cat cafe scene. Feature cats, coffee cups, desserts in a cozy cafe setting. Cute kawaii style.

120. Pop Art Explosion T-Shirt:

Design a colorful pop art graphic t-shirt. Feature bold comic book pows, bursts, onomatopoeias. High impact art.

121. Rainbow Brite Retro T-Shirt:

Create a vibrant 1980s Rainbow Brite inspired design. Feature the character, sprites, rainbows, stars. Retro cartoon style.

122. Sushi Feast T-Shirt:

Develop a creative sushi t-shirt. Feature artistic sushi rolls, nigiri,chopsticks, soy sauce. Celebrate sushi.

123. Moon Phase Goddess T-Shirt:

Design a moon goddess t-shirt with moon phases, crystals, celestial textures. Mystical and magical atmosphere.

124. Vintage Camera Photography T-Shirt:

Create a t-shirt for photographers. Feature retro cameras, film, typography about capturing memories. Nostalgic.

125. Tattoo Flash Art T-Shirt:

Develop a t-shirt featuring tattoo flash art of roses, daggers, snakes. Bold traditional tattoo imagery and themes.

126. Frida Kahlo T-Shirt:

Design a t-shirt celebrating Frida Kahlo. Feature her self portraits, flowers, animals, and surrealist style.

127. Rainy Day Reading T-Shirt:

Create an cozy rainy day t-shirt with books, mugs, blankets. Promote reading and relaxing on stormy days.

128. Boba Tea Party T-Shirt:

Develop a cute boba tea t-shirt. Feature boba tea cups, milk teas, tapioca pearls. For boba lovers.

129. Retro Camper Van T-Shirt:

Design a vintage camper van t-shirt. Feature a retro van with surfboards and outdoorsy themes. Nostalgic wanderlust.

130. Corgi Beach Day T-Shirt:

Create a cute corgi t-shirt with sunglasses enjoying a beach day. Fun in the sun with corgis. Summer vibes.

131. Chocolate Lover T-Shirt:

Develop a t-shirt for chocolate lovers. Feature elegant chocolate truffles, bars, drizzles. Indulgent chocolate graphics.

132. Succulent Garden T-Shirt:

Design a nature inspired succulent t-shirt. Include varieties of stylized succulents. Peaceful plant graphics.

133. Vintage National Parks T-Shirt:

Create a retro national parks graphic t-shirt. Feature logos and scenes from Yosemite, Yellowstone, etc. For hikers.

134. Breakfast Foods T-Shirt:

Develop a t-shirt celebrating breakfast foods like pancakes, waffles, bacon, eggs. Make it playful and delicious.

135. Winter Forest T-Shirt:

Design a scenic winter forest t-shirt with evergreen trees covered in snow. Peaceful wintery landscape.

136. Mythical Unicorn T-Shirt:

Create a whimsical unicorn t-shirt with rainbows, stars, and magical forest scenes. Vibrant fantasy style.

137. Outer Space Cat T-Shirt:

Develop a t-shirt with a cute spacefaring cat astronaut. Feature a cat spacesuit, rocketship, and nebula background. Fun space theme.

138. Coffee Addict T-Shirt:

Design an artsy t-shirt for coffee addicts. Include cups, beans, drips. Playful caffeine fueled theme.

139. Funny Avocado Toast T-Shirt:

Create a millennial-themed t-shirt starring avocado toast. Feature hipster ingredients like avocado, egg, radish on toast. Humorous.

140. Peace, Love, Music Festival T-Shirt:

Develop a music festival inspired t-shirt with neon peace signs, music notes, retro vibes. Groovy graphic tee.

141. Abstract Paint Splatters T-Shirt

Develop a t-shirt with abstract expressionist paint splatters and drips in bold colors.

142. Vintage National Park T-Shirt

Design a vintage American national park graphic t-shirt with retro landmarks, travel posters, and nature elements.

143. Graffiti Street Culture T-Shirt

Create an urban graffiti street culture t-shirt celebrating hip hop, breakdancing, and street art lifestyles.

144. Retro Sci-Fi Art T-Shirt

Generate a cosmic retro sci-fi art t-shirt with spaceships, aliens, neon landscapes, and psychedelic portals.

145. Cartoon Character Mashup T-Shirt

Design a t-shirt mashing up iconic cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, and Betty Boop together.

146. Music Festival T-Shirt

Create a music festival t-shirt featuring electric guitars, crowdsurfing, and stages with colorful psychedelic visuals.

147. Pop Surrealism Art T-Shirt

Develop a t-shirt showcasing melting clocks, floating eyes, and surreal pop art in vivid colors.

148. Retro Video Game T-Shirt

Design a pixelated retro video game t-shirt with classic game controllers, characters, power-ups, and branding.

149. Skater Style T-Shirt

Generate a skater style t-shirt with skateboards, graffiti text, streetscapes, and urban contemporary visuals.

150. Magic Mushroom Art T-Shirt

Create a trippy magic mushroom psychedelic art t-shirt with fungi, optical illusions, and kaleidoscopic patterns.

151. Tattoo Flash Art T-Shirt

Develop a t-shirt featuring classic tattoo flash styles like roses, daggers, anchors, and pinup girls.

152. Trippy Flower Power T-Shirt

Design a far-out psychedelic flower power t-shirt with tie-dye patterns and floral motifs.

153. Retro Pop Culture Mashup T-Shirt

Generate a 1980s retro t-shirt mashing up pop culture icons like Pac-Man, Rubik’s Cubes, boomboxes, and more.

154. Graffiti Drips T-Shirt

Create an abstract graffiti art t-shirt with colorful dripping paint and bold lettering.

155. Vaporwave Aesthetic T-Shirt

Develop a trendy vaporwave aesthetic t-shirt using synthwave colors, retro pop art, and cyberpunk elements.

156. Tattoo Traditional Style T-Shirt

Design a traditional tattoo style t-shirt featuring roses, snakes, ships, skulls, and bold black outlines.

157. Retro Cartoon T-Shirt

Generate a vintage 1980s Saturday morning cartoon t-shirt with He-Man, Thundercats, Smurfs, and more.

158. Graffiti Wildstyle T-Shirt

Create a graffiti wildstyle t-shirt with intricate, cryptic lettering stylized with arrows, connections, and bubbles.

159. Abstract Geometric Art T-Shirt

Develop a t-shirt showcasing abstract geometric shapes and kaleidoscopic optical illusions.

160. Cassette Tape Culture T-Shirt

Design a cassette tape culture t-shirt featuring mixtapes, boomboxes, Walkmans, and retro typography.


In the ever-evolving world of t-shirt design, finding inspiration is a journey that can lead to extraordinary and innovative creations. Midjourney prompts for t-shirt design offer a compelling starting point, designed to spark your creativity and set you on the path to crafting unique and captivating designs.

We’ve explored the process of creating Midjourney prompts, and we’ve uncovered key considerations that enhance their effectiveness in your design journey. By utilizing aspect ratio parameters, customizing the preview, and incorporating relevant keywords, you can generate prompts that align perfectly with your vision.

It’s worth noting that Midjourney’s output, presented as plain images without the actual t-shirt illustration, is tailor-made for the demands of the print-on-demand industry. This flexibility allows you to focus on the artistic aspect of your design without being restricted by the specific garment shape, making Midjourney prompts an ideal choice for generating prints for a wide range of merchandise.

So, whether you’re an experienced designer or just starting on your creative journey, Midjourney is your creative companion in the realm of t-shirt design. It empowers you to explore new horizons and express your unique style through art that can adorn t-shirts and a myriad of other products. Let Midjourney inspire you as you take your next creative step in the world of fashion. Your artistic midjourney awaits.

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