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Golang get last element of slice / array / list - Simple and fast

When working with production code in Golang, efficiently accessing the last element of a slice or an array or a list is a common requirement. In this blog post, we’ll...

Golang get map keys - 3 simple ways

Maps are a data structure powerhouse in Golang, allowing you to store key-value pairs in an efficient and organized manner. But sometimes, you need to unlock those treasures – the...

Golang hash sets implementation in 2 simple ways

Exploring Set Data Structures in Go

Golang for loops: 5 basic ways with examples using range, arrays, maps iteration

Loops are an essential part of any programming language. They allow us to execute a single task multiple times. In this post, we will be diving deeper with the for...

Golang enums implementation with examples

Exploring Enums in GoLang